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CZEDMA je zájmové sdružení právnických osob s názvem Česká asociace výrobců a dodavatelů diagnostik in vitro a bylo založeno jako právnická osoba dle §20f občanského zákona v březnu 2001. Je zapsáno v registru zájmových sdružení právnických osob, vedeného u odboru vnitřních věcí Úřadu městské části Praha 6, pod č.reg. ZS 40/1/01 ze dne 9.5.2001.


EDMA podporuje boj proti hepatitidě

Press Release
19 May 2010

EDMA Supports the Fight Against Hepatitis

EDMA, the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association, marks World Hepatitis Day by calling for enhanced measures for the prevention and diagnosis of this chronic disease. World Hepatitis Day seeks to raise awareness and political support for the disease, with a long-term aim to prevent new infections and to improve health outcomes for those living with hepatitis B or C.

Brussels, 19 May 2010 – The statistics for this disease are shocking, with 500 million people around the world infected with chronic hepatitis B or C, approximately 1 million people dying per year as a result, and one in three people being affected by one or both viruses. Even so, not only does hepatitis not receive the same levels of publicity or political support as HIV/AIDS, TB or malaria, but the majority of sufferers are unaware of their situation.

In order to rectify these figures, EDMA calls for intensified awareness-raising campaigns focusing on the risk that this disease holds for society. The most threatening aspect of hepatitis B and C is that they are ‘silent’ viruses that could exist within a victim for years without showing any symptoms. If diagnosis of hepatitis B or C is left too late, it could result in cirrhosis of the liver, which has its own fatal repercussions, including liver cancer.

The In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry can become involved at the prevention and diagnosis levels of this disease. IVD devices for infectious markers (such as hepatitis B or C) are used to screen blood donations for the manufacture of safe blood and blood products. If infection exists, early diagnosis gives patients the opportunity to consider treatment options, to avoid further transmission of the virus, and to control their lives with their own self-management strategies.

For further reading on the IVD laboratory tests associated with the different forms of hepatitis, please visit LabTestsOnline (, a multilingual information portal on laboratory testing coordinated by EDMA in Europe.

About EDMA

EDMA, the European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association, represents national associations and major companies engaged in the research, development, manufacture or distribution of In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) tests in Europe. Through its membership, EDMA represents in total more than 500 companies (or over 700 legal entities) across Europe. The mission of EDMA is to raise awareness of the importance, usefulness and added value that diagnostic information can provide to healthcare. For this purpose, EDMA cooperates with European institutions, patients groups, trade associations, health professionals and academia to support an appropriate regulatory system, to work towards a realistic economic environment for healthcare in Europe and to be an effective voice in globalisation.

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